Transcription of the Press Conference at 17:00 on 4/16/2013 by mizmo

Lightly edited and formatted

gov patrick: good afternoon. we're going to brief on the investigation and what i would looselydescribe the recovery, we'll hear from the sac for the fbi, rick delorrie, then the mayor and i have follow-on comments and announcements. then any of us are available to take questions

special agent deloria: thank you... special agent in charge of fbi boston dvision

fbi: our collab effrots were focused on savings lives, treating injured. as soon as those important tasks completed, first responders established a criminal investigation

boston joint terrorism task force, more than 30 local / federal / state authorities including secret service, atf, fbi, etc responded to scene

most already there as general maratrhon security

first secured physical area around blast to preserve evidence

this morning, fbi and bpd, mass pd and atf began forensic evidence recovery at the site

trying to recover physical items related to blast

those items have been recovered and sent to fbi lab in VA

device(s) will be reconstructed at lab

items recovered including black nylon (could be from backpack) and bb's and nails potentially contained in a pressure cooker device

our lab in VA will conduct complete and thorough analysis

both explosives placed in dark colored nylon bag or backpack. bag would have been heavy because of components in it

hard to determine specific components used

we wont know with some certainty until lab completes final review

away from scene, yesterday afternoon, jtff began its investigation

fbi iniaited command post

though assigned to jttf... authorities associated, and many on their own including bpd, more than 1k officers across agencies assigned to investigation per command post

canvassing, conducting eyewitness interviews, etc to determine who responsible

methodically, carefully, with sense of urgency

across nation and world, force of US working hard to locate those responisble

FBI has received 2k tips as of noon todya, many already analyzed and vetted

will work tirelessly with partners to investigate and act on these leads

regarding suspects, investigation in its infancy

our responsibility to thoroughly review each and every piec eof evidence

some activity oyu'll see, some you won't

we are working hard to get answers. nobody has claimed responsibliity, range of motives is open

person who did this is someones' cowroker friend or relative

if you heard anyone taling about targeting the event, call us. someone knows who did this

cooperation from community will play a crucial role in this investigation

we ask that businesses preserve surveillance in its original form

req public remain alert and let us know

supicious interest in how to cresate explosive devices ...

noise of devices that may have been used as tests...

person who appeared to be carrying unusually heavy dark colored bag in vicinity of blasts ...

report to themas more details come available, will issue press release or press conference

we will hold another press conference tomorrow afternoon

want to thnak public for their help in this investigation

citizens ofboston and commonwealth of mass, thank you for information

thanks to westin hotel


investigation continues, more victims are being id'ed... true boston fashion many offers of help and assistance

senator warren and i visited many victims of this tragedy

our heart goes out to them and dtheir familys during this time

the police... all those served and volunteers, who reeacted quickly, bc of the outpouring of helpwe've set up an organization: One fund boston, to collect money to help people who might need help during this time

go to that site and donate any resource you have

john hancock, steve papluka, etc boston foundatoin... all stepping up to help

this tragedy won't stop us

will not let terror stop us


nature of contributions, lt gov - one of the things... extraordinary medical teams responding to needs of the hurt

one of the things we learned, there is a need for blood

so... make sure everybody understands... do not go make a donation today - but next week or the week after that, there will be an ongoing need for blood donatoins


11 on thursday morning, held at cathedral of holy cross in south end

pleased that president will join us for that

to help us all heal

another point

ongoing investigation, the fact there is not yet an identified suspect

these are times where all kinds of forces conspire to make people think, categories, in sometimes uncharitable ways

this community will recover and heal if we turn to each other instread of on each other

at the interfaith service, we want to emphasize - we are one community, we are all in this together, and the sensitivity we show to each other as we heal is an important part of how we heal


special agent - you said person, not persons. are you looking for 1 person?

i eblieve i mentioned in my statement, we have no definitive info, could be a person or persons. wehave no conclusions

mr davis - you run this event year after year with sound seucirty plan. what went wrong? do you think this was planned for years?

the investigation will answer the sceond part of that question

we planned this as we do every year

work closely with federal partners and intelligence services

each incident vetted very carefully

tehres a specific plan put together, this plan was very well thought out and executed

more officers assigned to this race than we've ever assigned before

particularly concerned with finish line this year, assigned more officers down in that area

if you look at videos you can see that

we'll vett plans and determine what happened here

integral part of this investigation

did something go wrong? was there a weakness?

this is a soft target

anybody can go into a church service and do this type of thing

an event like this - you cant lock down like a military operation

has to be open to public

up and down perimeter

by virtue of the type of event this is

requires that we dont turn these events into a police state

we struck what we believe was the apporpiate balance

this investigateion is our priority

q: are you suggesting that groups rae being targeted unfairly is that situation happening?

no we haven't had any complaints

the us attorney and i were tlaking earlier about concerns

and just wanted to remind people to show that sensitivity

q: black nylon residue... at both blasts. what specifically can you tell us about it, can we see a piece? pressure cooker?

possibly a pressure cooker, black nylon bags possibly at both sites

bags rather than residue

i can't characterize specifics

we are postulating that must have been heavy bags to carry the devices inside of them

they could not have been light bags

q: was the damage the same at both?

i think that would be speculation right now until evidence review would be complete

q: did you find a circuit board or anything like that?

the evidence review is still going on right now dont want to speculkate

q: how uncommon is it at this point not to have anybody come forward?

there are a variety of reasons why.. .this is a very complicated investigation

will be pursued methodically carefully diligently with sense of urgency

24 hours on... still in its early early stage,s that's the best way i can characterize right now

q: property owners, how should they dela with these attacks governor?

it's one question per customer!

i dont know the answer to the first q other than... the guidance that folks along the route in prep for a specific event have given

in temrs of how we go forward

we've had 116 years of incident free marathons

every year we learn from the last

this is a painful and tragic lesson but we will learn from this as well

next years marathon will be bigger and better

q: ballpark range of how many people

i don't know the answer to that

in the area where the blast occurred?

we don't make specific esgtimates, but 10's of 1000's of people were near the finish line crowd

q: how much closer are we?

theres been a lot of work done

they are literally going over the scene with a fine toothed comb

a lot of info coming from evidence and video analysis

very early in investigation

this has to be methodical, investigation

dont rush to any pargticukar conclusion

q: know about the devices? are these things that bomb sniffing dogs could find?

can't speculate on that right now

commisioner davis just said we are still going thru evidenciary review

dont want to speculate or characterize until that process complete

q: mayor know anyone who was hurt, spoken to families?

yes, i visited several families at brigham and womens hospital

strong, victims, families needed help

young woman who lost a leg, she had a lot of courage, hanging in there. welcoming all kinds of help we can

those families are going thru a very difficult time

we have to support them as best we can

did you know any of the families? A: yes i did

anything you can say about those people? A: no

some of these are personal things, very personalget into facts of conversations of victims you get into personally

q: special attention to ...

the governor said we review each one of these events

end of our review last year we determined crowds larger than usual

so we put more officers on the event esp at end of race

esp when runners first coming in

if you review the pics and video tape, a significant amount of police presence

q: ... mumble mumble

as i said, we talk to fed and state partners

this was a standard threat picture after 9/11 we are certainly vigiliant but there was nothing specific about this event expected

we had teams working crowd at end of race because of pickpockets typically in that area

as well as EOD dogs who were trhroughout the race

q: boston college organized 8k people to walk last 5 miles... is that something you're aware of?

mayor: no not aware of at all

does law enforcement know?


q: circuitry or circuit board? do you know the agent used, can you share?

no i believe the circuit board was brought up by a member of the media, not by me

i am not prepared to speak to any aspect pertaining to that right now

i can assure you joint terrorism task force working on it

q: do you think it took a lot of palnning to do this, many years?

hopefully that will come out in the investgation

that would be speculation on my part, i do not want to provide you with any inaccurate info

q: two victims names out, what about the third?


*Side Conversation*

commisioner davis advises me that there is not enough work done to make a notification of thenext of kin for third person

q: how many pressure cooker remnants?

q: what sthe sophistication of that? made in a basement?

pressure cookers... relative ordinary cooking devices... presicely what evidence found at what location - i dont want to go into details right now

multiple pieces of evidence at the crimescene

that analysis ongoing right now dont want to provie you with inaccurate info right now

Q: When will national guard be done?

the job of the national guard right now is to secure the workers going thru the crime scene

we will not rush that

that will pose an inconvenience to people but i cant tell you when that will finish

random bag checks in the T are also going on

q: mumble mumble

fbi: we have had a tremendous outpouring of support fromt hep ublic

in terms of video submitted to us

it has been tremendous

we are analyzing it

bringing specialists up who are digital video analysis experts

bringing best possible resources fbi can bring to boston to assist

can you describe for the public pictures and video?

i can't... various vid submission of the area around the crime scenes... that were taken around the time of the blasts

all vid like this, we encourage the public and paritcualry business owners in the area to submit this

we thank citizens for submitting this info

q: can we hear from the ATF please about the potential explosive might be that was used? manywitnesses saying they smelled gun powder

that's correct. that has been reported, that type of smell

we are not prepared to go into specifics as to the blast scene

it's a fairly expansive large scene

thats why we have to be so methodical in our processing

there has been some debris recovered from nearby rooftops

some embedded in buildings nearby

that gives you a scope of the power of the blast

q: ???

we're not prepared to give that specific yet

gov: i want to ask a favor on behalf of osmebody i met htis afternoon

lt gov and i were at tufts medical center

one young woman named victoria, a northeastern student in hostpial bc of serious shrapnelwound in her leg around site of first blast

she was scared, carried by a firefighter to a medical tent

really as she described hysterical

there was a person who helped calm her down

described himself as an army sergeant, afghanistan vet, dont know if he was assigned to medical tent or just jumped in to help

his name is tyler, that's all we know

one of the things he said to her to show his own schrapnel wound scar.. to calm her down, from afhganistan

victoria wants to thank tyler personally. if tyler is out there or if you know him, let us know, we want to connect him

617 725 4000 tyler please call

aprpeciate the favor if you can get the word out